As of July 4, 1776 A.D. The United States of America has been the only nation in history using the U.S. Declaration of Independence to survive longer than any other nation in the world. The U.N. members hold 192 nations with the U.S. nation being the only nation in the world that does not average a revolution every thirty to forty years. The U.S. has had only one constitution as opposed to France which has had fifteen constitutions. Afghanistan in the 20th century has had five constitutions. Since 1921 A.D. Poland has had seven constitutions. Since 1917 A.D. Russia has had four constitutions. Mexico since 1923 A.D. has had four constitutions. The solid foundation of the U.S. Declaration of Independence was achieved by fifty six gentlemen who crafted the document as prolific writers modeling their writings by the Holy Bible. Two Treaties of Government by John Locke, whom quoted the bible over 1,500 times, granted the ideas to the U.S. founding fathers to form the U.S. Constitution showing the proper operation of civil government, based on principle foundations of the Holy Bible.


Two Treaties of Government


David Barton
American Christian History


The two rules of the Church to not interfer with the Government are:
1. The Church cannot vote as a Church (corporate body) to endorse a candidate.
2. The Church cannot donate funds to a candidate's campaign.


America's Godly Heritage




Foundations of Freedom with David Barton,
"Foundations of Law" Part 1










U.S. Constitution


U.S. Declaration of Independence




U.S. Supreme Court Cases


Myles Munroe's
Rediscovering the Principle
of Kingdom Citizenship


With issues such as religious liberty, the definition of marriage, and the sanctity of life, Lord we pray for our nations leaders and office holders, that they would exercise their authority with wisdom, fairness, and respect for the values upon which our nation was founded. Amen.








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